The story of Burt’s Farm actually begins way back in the 1800’s when the patriarch of the family, John Crane, moved from South Carolina and bought the property where the farm is presently located. The property also included what is now Amicalola Falls State Park. The property where the state park is located today was confiscated from Bartley Crane in the late 1800’s by the federal government. Bartley owned a liquor still, but failed to pay taxes on the whiskey he made and sold.

huntcraneBartley decided to open a country store that would one day be run by his son Hunt Crane. This store was passed from generation to generation. Hunt’s grandson grew up watching his father and grandfather sell produce at the same country store his great grandfather sold goods from as well. Hunt’s grandson went on to be the founder and owner of Burt’s Farm, Johnny Burt.

In 1972, Johnny and Kathy Burt started growing pumpkins. Johnny and Kathy lived at the entrance of Amicalola Falls, making it the perfect location to sell their pumpkins. The combination of the beautiful scenery and crisp cool mountain air brought people by the thousands to the mountains of North Georgia.

Over the next twenty years, the Burts sold pumpkins from a stand in their own front yard. Johnny and Kathy, along with their three children, Kasey, Russ and Cameron, worked on their farm growing and selling their pumpkins. They watched as the family farm grew from year to year, eventually making it a way of life. Johnny and Kathy were able to provide for their family by doing what they loved. Now the Burts grow and sell 50-70 acres of pumpkins per year.

In 1991, the Burt’s decided to build a barn and a few pumpkin sheds on family land right bedside the falls, which is the present day location of Burt’s Farm. Johnny also thought a hayride around the farm would be a good addition for the children visiting the farm. The hayride is now one of the main attractions of the farm. On a busy day, there are ten tractors and wagons that allow people to see fields of growing pumpkins. They also listen to a story told by Autumn and Gordy, a pair of one-of-a-kind animated pumpkins. The hayride ends on top of a mountain with a great view of Amicalola Falls and thousands of pumpkins in the farm yard.

Another attraction at the farm is the many delicious baked goods that are baked onsite. The sweet smell filling the farm yard is the smell of pumpkin pie, bread and pumpkin rolls baked using family recipes handed down over the generations.

Burt’s Farm now grows over twenty varieties of pumpkins, along with ornamental corn and winter squash. The Burts started experimenting with butternut squash, using it as Nutraceuticals (personal care products). The butternut squash contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Beta Keratin. The juice from the squash works wonders restoring the hair and skin. Burt’s Farm produces shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and skin care products using this amazing butternut squash juice. These unique products can only be found at Burt’s Farm.

For over 40 years Burt’s Farm has been blessed to have customers come from all over the southeast to get their pumpkins and fall decorations. Thank you for making Burt’s Farm a part of your fall family traditions.

May God Bless,

The Burts